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The University of Toronto St. George Campus is licensed through the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Campus Beverage Services, (CBS), was established to uphold the University of Toronto alcohol policy and the Liquor License Act of Ontario and is responsible for all alcoholic beverage sales and service within the designated licensed areas. Campus Beverage Services strives to deliver alcohol events on campus that promote the highest standard of service to ensure the safety of everyone using the University’s liquor license. 

Alcohol Service at the University of Toronto 

The University of Toronto campus is a blanket license, meaning all alcohol consumed on campus must be purchased through CBS except for events being held in the Faculty Club, GSU pub, Hart House or any of the federated Universities or Colleges which have their own liquor licenses. The only spaces not under the liquor license on university property are the student residences, which are private space and have their own alcohol guidelines. Absolutely no donated alcohol is allowed on the University campus nor are deliveries of alcohol to university buildings, offices, or cafeterias. 

The license holder is appointed by the University to ensure all events are approved based on their merits, are done within the parameters set above, and that the liquor license is used for events of importance to the University and its faculties, divisions, and student groups. They also ensure that policies and protocols are in place so at no time does the University of Toronto allow the licensing of any event, which encourages the consumption of alcohol or could lead to the consumption of alcohol by minors. 


The University of Toronto follows all AGCO regulatory policies and legislation governing the sale and service of alcohol in Ontario which can found on its website. The University of Toronto has also developed its own policies which fall within the legal bounds of the AGCO’s legislation. The purpose of these policies is to further ensure and enforce the safe service of alcohol on campus with specific regard to the needs of the community.

Please read the University of Toronto St. George Campus Alcohol Policy  and the accompanying Alcohol Regulations.

By having a liquor license – and an Alcohol Policy – the University of Toronto takes on certain responsibilities, among which are:

Failure to comply with the Liquor License Act can result in penalties, including substantial fines and the suspension or revocation of liquor license privileges, not just for the department or faculty that contravenes the Act, but for the whole campus.

For more information regarding campus alcohol policies and Ontario statutes, please contact the Beverage Manager.